SSC CGL Tier 1 Cut Off Marks 2013 Expected Discussion

SSC CGL Tier 1 Cut Off Marks for April 2013 written exam category GEN OBC SC ST Ex-service man etc. SSC CGL 2013 tier1 exam held on 21st Arpil 2013, uploaded the answer key for SSC CGL tier 1 21st April 2013. The next paper of CGL tier 1 will be conducted on 28th april 2013.

CGL Tier 1 2013 cutoff:  Staff Selection Commission conducts CGLE (Combined Graduate Level exam) every year for recruitment in various department in Indian Ministries.
ssc cgl tier 1 answer key

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam will be conducted on 21st April 2013 (already over) and next will be on 28th April 2013(Sunday). There will be more than million candidate appear for SSC CGL 2013 tier1 exam.

SSC CGL 2013 Tier 1 Answer Key:

The cut off of SSC CGL Tier 1 2013 will decide the chances of candidates to get qualified for Tier 2 (written exam) and Tier 3 (personal interview). The candidates who get qualified in all the sections will get finally selected.

We will publish the SSC CGL Tier 2 2013 cutoff as soon as it out. Here we are providing the 2012 cutoffs so that the candidates can get a basic idea about the selection process and the chances of getting selected for Tier 2.
SSC CGL Tier 1 2012 cutoff marks for candidates who got qualified for all posts in Tier 1

Cutoff marks 64.00 62.00 70.00 25.00 60.00 25.00 25.00 82.00
Candidates available 18960 8816 43257 7934 1944 682 861 30148 112602

Please give your comments on the above cut off marks for various categories general obc sc st etc. Discuss about the paper  level (Easy, medium, tough).

SSC CGL Tier 1 Answer Key Download

All the best.

Latest Comments
  1. kapil

    what about 333PJ3 answer key??

    • Vikash Dhankar

      we will upload the answer key soon for 333PJ3 paper set

      • palnav

        255QJ5 ???

        • kapil

          us site pe sab milega dost.. jo mene post kiya

    • dharmesh kumar

      Cut off 4 tiar-1 2013 :- gen – 78, obc – 65, sc nd st – 58 to 68

      • Abhishek

        Thats not possible Bro…I really wish your words come true :)

        • R R

          kyu nahi possible hai?
          Paper ka standard nahi dekh rahey hoo?
          this year no. of Vacancies are high.

      • Sunpreet

        Itna standard mat girao SSC ka plzz at least gen ka toh bilkul nhi.
        Sc n st ka toh much b ho sakta hai..

        • R R

          Chutiya SUNPREET
          Cutoff for GEN 80-83 hi hogi 100%.

      • Sunny

        I think so, it can be possible.

    • R R

      those GENERAL cat. who are getting +81 marks start preparing for Tier-2, sure they called for tier-2 because:-
      1> number of vacancy are higher than last year.
      2> paper standard is little-bit tougher.
      3> there is tier-3 written paper which u have to qualify otherwise u …will be thrown out of the merit-list.
      so best of LUCK.

      • swapan adhikari

        I think cut off for gen would b +83. Paper standard on 19th April was to some extent tough.But on 21 May it was not tough.
        How ever,have u any idea on subjective test? What would b the pattern of question?

  2. Naveen

    answer keys of 022kp0??

    • Vikash Dhankar

      we will upload the answer key soon for 022kp0 paper set

  3. Bineesh

    00KG3 Key..please.

  4. Bineesh

    000KG3 Key..please.

    • akm

      mail me @ for all the keys of ssc cgl tier 1 exam of 2013 on 21-1-2013. i have a pdf file containg key of all the series.

      • manish mishra

        PL SEND ME THE ANSWER KEY OF 100MN1 (Evening)

  5. akm

    expexted cuttoff will be
    SC ST OBC Ex.S OH HH VH UR Total
    Cutoff 70.00 75.00 80.00 35.00 65.00 32.00 28.00 85.00

  6. sudip

    mine was also 022kp0….few wrong questions in that…


    expected cut-offs will be as mentioned:
    Gen. – Less than 83
    OBC. – Less than 74
    sc/st – between 58 to 68

    • R R

      cutoff for GENERAL 80-83

  8. prasad

    what will be cutoff for EX-service men category…i am expecting 66.75 as per key.

  9. Samuel Dhas

    Hey guys. check this link for the answer keys for tier 1 2013

    • Vikash Dhankar


      • kihsore

        some questions are wrong in ssc cgl tier 1 2013 afternoon shiftheld on 21

      • devdutta

        hello sir, are you from dholpur military school ?

        • Vikash Dhankar

          Yes..I am 2005 passout, and you are ?

  10. suryakant sharma

    thisyear ssc cgl gen cut-off would be 83-86

    • vikrant

      genral ki cut off 80 jayegi is bar

  11. Cena

    UR cut off should not cross 85

  12. kihsore

    some questions are wrong in ssc cgl tier 1 2013 afternoon shiftheld on 21

    • Arpana

      ya 2 question were wrong in evening shift of ssc cgl which was held on 21st April..

      • Ajay kumar

        really?? which quesns??

  13. sudeep

    I have scored 101. I belong to General category.

  14. Mahesh Ghadge

    my ssc cgl tier 1 score 85 i belongs to sc ,

  15. Mahesh Ghadge

    pls send ans key for 111LH8

  16. Amit kumar


  17. rajan singh

    please provie as soon as posible, 000kp0

  18. Bhargav

    Will there be sectional cut-off?? If so, what will be the expected sectional cut-off?? (Please mention section-wise, if different cut-offs for different sections)

    • j anil kumar

      There’s no sectional cutoff in ssc cgl, ur total score will decide your fate, all da best

  19. Brijnandan

    I m expecting 95 and belong to obc
    Can i qualify the tier 1

    • rahul

      yes u will qualify

    • ravi

      no dost

    • j anil kumar

      without any doubt u ll qualify for tier 2

  20. vamsi

    please clarify whether the cutoff marks given are the marks out of 200 or the percentage

    • Ashok

      for 200 hundred bro…how can it be %. how cutoff can be 82% in exams like these… :)

      • Ashish Bajpai

        When u dont know about prcocudre and all these things then how can u expect to clear this exam???

      • R R

        abey chutiya 82% samjh me aatah hai kitna hoga ? 164 marks

  21. Shweta

    I m expecting 75 marks n belong to gen category.. Is dere any hope of selection.. Plz rply

    • vikrant

      madam mere to 81 h bt mujhe hi hope nai h selection ki


        i scored 88.5 kya mera koi chance hai?

        • pushpendra

          yes u have chance……focus on tier

        • Prikshit

          You may be through or they will keep you at border. Better start studying as per me it would be 87 this year

      • R R

        nahi bhai tum tier-2 ki preparation karo, cutoff for GEN 81 se zyada nahi jayegaa

    • ankush singhal

      not sure!!!!!!!! dear

    • Virender

      Are maidam next time try karna…..

    • Er.saif

      Sorry hope.cutoff never go below 80.

    • amit

      koi chance nahi hai aap ka ji

      • Vikash Dhankar

        All the best.

    • rishi

      shweta there is no chance for gen in 75 mks

    • sumit raj

      many questions have doubted in math olso in reasoning so hoping that would b corrrect like
      and many more faults under 21/4

  22. vivek

    i wrote my ssc cgl 2013 on 21 st april some person came in our room and wrote some of the roll numbers what does it mean please reply admin please please……..

  23. MURTI

    please send me, OBC cut off marks for CGL exam 2013 (tier-I).

    • Birendra Kumar Verma

      OBC Cutt off will be 76-80

  24. sudheer

    Is there sectional cut off in SSC CGL 2013?? Please clarify my doubt. I belong to OBC category and I attempted 90. Out of them 15 are wrong. What will be the cut off for OBC?

    • Birendra Kumar Verma

      OBC Cutt off will be 76-80


    My test form-111LH8 in answer key 29th qn ans is (A) bt given (B) its wrong. 27th qn is wrong, 46th qn ans key says its (d) bt its wrong ans is (a), 73rd and 74th ans key is wrong pls check it…


    sir i have scored 60 marks and i am belongs to it possible cut off to get Tier-II EXAM


    sir i have scored 60 marks and i am belongs to OBCis it possible cut off to get TierII EXAM

  28. Manvendra

    I hope that cut off of tier 1 might not go beyond 82 for general category after seeing the paper of 21st april. evening paper was undoubtedly tougher than morning.

  29. manoj kumar poddar

    i belong from OBC as well as OH category i m expecting 70 marks wheather i will qualify for the ssc- tire-2 , please reply


    • alok

      yes you are quqlified

  30. titiksha

    i am expecting 82 marks from UR category whether i will qualify or not

    • Virender

      Yes………….. Sure

    • Prikshit

      Very feeble chances, but i wish you make it

  31. sireesha

    please send key for 222kpo

  32. alok

    ssc cpo me age limit kinke liye hai

  33. Arvind

    For Booklet series : 022 KP0.

    Question no.24 : The answer is letter ‘O” but in answer key it is
    mentioned as Option D. but there is no option for O in our booklet.

    The Explanation for the answers is below,

    Question no : 24 : There are five busses M,N,O,P,Q in a row on a road.
    Bus M is standing at the front and Q is standing at the back end. Bus
    N stands between M and O. Bus P stands between O and Q. Which Bus is
    in the middle of five.

    Since M is at front end and Q is at the back end, M(Option A) and
    Q(Option D) is Wrong.

    M _ _ _ Q this is how the bus stands in the row.

    Since N is in between M and O, the rows becomes as

    M N O _ Q

    And P is in between O and Q so the row becomes as

    M N O P Q

    Hence the Bus O is in the Middle of the five but there is no Option O in answer.
    The given options are
    (A) M (B) P (C) N (D) Q.

    Can they change the answer.

  34. sanjay

    sir i got 85 marks in 21 april cgl and belong to obc category. is there any chance to get clear pre exam?

  35. akki

    Pls provide answer sheet of evening set 100MN1

  36. Arpana

    what would be cut off for HH candidate in ssc cgl 2013??

  37. Arpana

    what would be cut off for HH candidate in ssc cgl tier-1 2013??? i have scored total 60 marks.. plzz help me if anyone know..

    • ankush singhal

      not sure!!!!!!

  38. anil

    pls be prepared for tier-2 undoubtly you are pass

    • Arpana

      thanx to u.


    mere 88.5 hai.i belong to general there any chance?

    • kayalijain

      even,i am also gettng,88.5 ,i am hopeless.

      • suraj

        ha yaar mere ko to lag raha hai is bar kam se kam 150 ke above jana chahye……..

    • rishi

      sharanya its may be

  40. diya

    some questions are wrong in ssc cgl tier 1 2013 afternoon shiftheld on 21…expected cutoff mark for general – less than 83

  41. samuel

    mr vishal kindly check you website before replying to the candidates. you have not uploaded the solution for 133MN1. so kindly stop misguiding the candidates.

  42. rajkumar

    sir i scored 73 in sc .
    what are chance ………..

  43. Gaurav

    What is the exam date of ssc prasar bharti in north region. Some regional website of scc like west east etc show 21 july 13.but delhi webste show 26may 13. Plzzz reply my email is-

  44. manoj

    my score is 76 from obc……there any chance??



  46. vikas

    i belong from OBC as well as OH category i m expecting 67.75 marks wheather i will qualify for the ssc- tire-2 , please reply

    • ankush singh

      my score 66.25 obc-oh for tire1 ,any chancs to qualify

  47. rajnish

    please provide 100MN answer sheet
    nwzz i m excpecting 88 marks belonging to general….my chances ???

  48. rajnish

    please provide for answer sheet of 100MN …
    nwzz i am expecting 88 marks belonging to general cateogry my chnaces and gen cutt off total seats ths time is more than 2012 nrite??? so less cutt off na???

  49. shailendra

    when will published answer key of set 133MN1???????????

    • Vikash Dhankar

      The answer key for all paper set will be published on Official Website of SSC

  50. vvv

    hi i got 109.5 in cgl . plz tell me whether i can start for tier2 preparation . how much should i get in tier2 to get interview post?………….plz someone reply to this thank you

    • pramod chaudhary

      inyrrview post ke liye tier2 me thume 250+ lane honge

  51. kunal

    SSC Combine Graduate level selection Subject wise cut off hota hai ya Overall cut off hota hai ???

    • Vivek Wankhade

      Sectional cutoff hota hai

  52. kunal

    SSC combine Graduate level subject wise cut off hota hai ya overall cut off hota hai ???

    • PK

      Overall for sure

  53. Siddharth

    Hi i got 119.75 in tier 1. Gs was really tough.but if u want to get intervew post u have to score good marks in tier 1 because it decrease some presure of tier 2.those in gen cat got above 80 start prepareing for tier 2.

  54. Shakil

    I scored 115 from obc category …is there any chance for mains……

  55. Dinesh K chaurasia

    You should start study for tier2 if get, OBC 72 ur 83 best of luck

  56. Shakil

    Interview post k liye atleast kitna score hona chahiye mains mai out of 600.

    • dell 2

      330-350 for UR categories

  57. sujit

    no sectional cut off for ssc exam

  58. ahlita

    i have a doubt that their is a sectional cut off marks in ssc like bank exams because this is my first attempt i does’t know its pattern so please ans my question

  59. k

    Last year for interview post 355/600 for general candidate

  60. Vivek singh

    I secure 85 marks in pre . I belong to general so plese suggest me is i start prepretion for tier 2 exam..

  61. kumar

    some one please send me the key of tier 1 2013 after noon exam PDF

  62. neha

    plzzzzzzzzz upload answer key of 133MN1

  63. Mahesh Ghadge

    my score is 65.50 , i belongs to sc what are my chances

  64. jagjit singh

    Sir i scored 83.5 is there a chance i get qualify for Tier 2

  65. jagjit singh

    Sir i scored 83.5 marks in CGL Tier-1 is there a chance i get qualify for Tier 2??? Please reply

  66. love

    85 in gen category .should i start preparation for tier 2

  67. Devang shukla

    sir i am belonging to gen category , i got nearlly 85-86 what is my chance for tier ii ,plz guide me as soon as posible…..

  68. Chinna

    Hai…friends i will get nearly 75-80
    & i belongs to sc caregory
    shall i qualify tire1

  69. Manoj

    Guys. Whn will be results out? exam conducted on 21st april

  70. mini

    i have done 85 shud i expect sumthing or not

    • rishi


  71. ashish singh

    i expecting 77 marks in sss 2013, can i have chance in selection?

  72. shruti

    Expect atleast 130/200 in the 19th may exam and belong to gen cat. Do I stand a chance of selection?

    • dhongi baba

      I thnk u r stupid enough to mak urself feel like a jack ass, don’t u know 130 wud b a gud sum 2 make a gud shit out of it,,, don’t let others 2 grab ur neck & force u 2 remove dis crap.

    • rishi

      shruti prepare for tier 2 exams

  73. Navika Baliyan

    I am expecting 135 (41 reasoning, 45 maths, 35 English and 16 GS). Is there any sectional cutoff ?

    • 4 u navika

      Congrats honey,,, 135 z a gud score, dere will not be any sectional cut off in ssc cgl.
      FOr any further help contact me on … bbye, prepare well 4 d mains ;)

  74. umang

    i am getting 83.25 general category, should i start preparing for tier2 or keep my hopes for 2014 exam ?

    • umang

      any suggestions?

    • dinesh malik

      Yes full chance ; but u hav to get gud enough marks in mains

  75. arun

    87 in gen cata…i have a chance or not ro tear2…….pls reply

  76. dell 2

    i belongs to obc and expecting 85…what are my chances….plz clearify….thanx in advance

  77. prashant singh

    109 marks in tier-1 after checking the answer from the answerkey of private institute .So could anyone tell me how much i have to score in tier-2 to grab the inspector post in maharashtra.i would be very grateful for any help from your side

    • dell 2

      u have to score just 280/400…thats more than enough

      • prashant singh

        thanks a lot :)

        • dell 2

          dont mention it

  78. sumeet

    I belong to sc category and i got 68.50 marks after checked . Is there any chance for tier 2???? Plz tel me

  79. sneha

    i hav scored 121 in tier 1……but my maths score is only 19….is there any sectional cut off…..if its expected dan how much it can be ……………..

    • mukesh

      no sectional cutoffs love .

      • sneha

        thank you so much………..hope so there is no sectional cut off……….let c wat happens keeping finger crossed

        • sneha

          r u sure tht there is no sectional cut off

    • dinesh malik

      Congrts u got a gud score nd more intrstng is that widout scoring in math; anyhow u need lot of efforts in math if u want to qualify mains

      • sneha


    • j anil kumar

      ther is no sectional cutt off in ssc cgl, u will definitely qualify for tier 2, aim for interview posts, all da best

    • rishi

      there is no sectional cut-off till now sneha all the best for tier 2

  80. sneha

    since maths paper was damn time consuming …..general studies was also tougher than the previous year…….n evening paper 21 april was the toughest among all…..


      yes dear, surely it was. and the expected cut-off is 80-85.

      • sneha

        r u sure dat d expected cut of is gonna be betwn 80-85?????
        n do u hav idea if sectional cut off will be there dan ho much it can be approx???????

        • j anil kumar

          sneha just chill, there is no sectional cut off

  81. SUNIL

    I am from sc category. I am getting 75+. What are my chances? Please reply…..


      start preparing for tier 2…all d bst!!!

  82. pooja

    my expected score is 70. kya mera koi chance hi

    • rakesh bar

      i have scored 129 and still m not sure.

      • VIDISHA

        so u r expecting 129…and still u r nt sure….amazing:))…..u will surely get in…


      hi dear…from which category u belongs to???


      hi dear…from which category u belongs to????if u r from sc/st dn u will surely get in…and if u r from obc category,,dn there will b vry less probability…bt if u r from general dn m so sry:((

      • tarun singh

        gud one vidisha….

    • dell 2

      which category??????????

    • sumit raj

      its depend upon your social status if forward no chance
      i think there must b reservation needed for girls


    please provide the answer keys of 014NM2… exam held on 19th may(morning shift)…

  84. pankaj kumar sinha

    my expected score in cgl 2013 is 105-110.i am from general cat. will i qualify in pt or not?

  85. kisna

    i m getting 80 marks in ssc cgl tier 1 exam held on 19 may . would i qualify for tier 2 . i belong to obc categary …

  86. nishant

    you should not to behave like fool this time cut off rises with 90-95 .19 may ka paper bahut easy tha

  87. puja sharma

    expexted marks 103, obc cat, how much needed in tier 2 to qualify for interview round


      not more than 230/400…..

    • rishi

      last year 319 was the cut-off for interview post

      • Vikash Dhankar

        Thanks for the information..

  88. ricky

    pls upload answer key for 228TG3 19 may evening. is d cut off marks of 21/4 and 19/5 are same? and what should be the cut off marks around for gen?

  89. mukesh

    received expected cutoff from a trusted source
    ur 89
    sc 70
    st 65
    obc 76

    remember the fact that it has never happened that the cutoff would go below the previous years as no. of applicants increase exponentially and that too with the ones who already qualified i last year exams appear to get a better post with suitable posting.
    so gudluck for your future and start preparing for tier 2 as its a battle out there for the best seats.
    some say increase in seats would affect the cutoff to them i say -keep dreaming .

  90. TARUN

    around 150 marks in math and 140 marks in english

  91. SURAJ


  92. Anup Bishnoi

    sir my score is 105 .
    .what is my chance for tire2



    • anand

      of course

  94. hary

    hello i scored math 32 english 23 resoning 32 and gk 24
    total 111 according to answer key kya chance he ….with obc category

  95. hary

    hello i scored math 32 english 23 reasoning 32 and gk 24
    total 111 according to answer key kya chance he ….with obc category

  96. karumswamy

    i am expecting 91.5 UR category wt r my chances for tier 2

  97. amar

    sir i expect 77 marks,i m obc ,wt is my chance to qualify

    • sumit raj


  98. bhushan trivedi

    expecting 95 marks.. wat r the chances??

  99. Shubham Sunny

    i am expecting 120+(135 attended) whats the chance, and can you tell me how should i prepare so that i can qualify in Tier II wid good marks caz i having very strong hand on quantitative aptitude.

  100. sri

    when will be tier 1 result out?

  101. upasana singh

    the exam held on 19 may tougher than previous is cutoff will same.

  102. sri

    what is the approximate no. of people appeared for 2013 cgl tier 1

  103. avi

    hi i m expecting res-41,math -47,eng-22, gk-11,what is my chance for tier2

  104. Yitish

    I want da question paper 009TG0 which was held on 19th may morning ssession ,,.. I ll b thankful if any body can arrange dat for me ,… Wtng 4 a reply

  105. sunit

    112mn2 ki ans key koi sunit18april2006@gmai45+gk12+ma42=99 ban rahe h.eng k answer har jagah galat h.plz send kar do.

    • suahildh

      bhai eng k jo galat hue h unki minus marking kaun karega, aur matha me tere 42 kahi se b nai bn sakte 30+ man sakta hu.

      • vijendra NAMA


  106. vijendra NAMA

    cut off will be
    i got 85 in 2012 ssc pre OBC
    in 2013 i scored 109 OBC

  107. SSC Exam

    Any idea when will result of tier 2 will come.

  108. Navdeep Sharma

    Plz let me know if fluid is allowed in OMR sheet for correcting the answere or not. Moreover i have scored 83 mark under gen catagory..are dere any chances

  109. Shyam Anand

    My score is 116 in obc how many marks get for interviw post out of 400.

  110. Vikram

    19 may ko test form no. 014 nm 2
    gk q– the filter over which sewage is sprinkled is called what
    i searched it in the net i got answer as
    it is called as trickling filter, srinking filter or percolating filter.
    And in options (b) trickling filter and (c) percolating filter are given how dis problem be solved.
    My score
    R- 32.50
    G- 18.50
    M- 36.00
    E- 27.50 Total 114.50

  111. Anand

    Hi friend, I belong to OBC and getting 110. Shall I be able to qualify tier 1.

  112. bhanu

    i am getting 88.5 marks in ur category can i expect for tier 2

  113. Vikram

    i think cut off for general category should be round

  114. SUMAN DAS


  115. SUMAN DAS


  116. Pacifier

    86 marks in GENERAL (19 May eve shift)
    Is there any chances?????????????

    • R R

      81 for GENERAL even paper is tough

  117. manu

    i scored 112 in gen,,,, last year my friend 92 in tier 1 n 320 in tier 2 40 in interview so never think ur marks are less or more ,, atleast get a chance to go through tier 2 n wish that gen cutoff goes under 88 ,,, so prepare hard n never listen to others n trust urself all the best freinds

  118. vishal choudhary

    hi i got 95 in cgl nd i m in obc cateogry . plz tell me whether i can start for tier2 preparation . how much should i get in tier2 to get interview post?


    plz anybody could suggest me study material for tier 2.



  120. Shyam Anand purnea

    Ssc cgl cut off 2012

  121. Vk

    Lo bhai ssc cgl ki answer key aa gayi hai

  122. Suman


    • dell 2

      u are in…prepare for tier 2 …good luck

  123. dell 2

    what are the chances???????..m getting 88 from obc…

  124. puneet

    i getting in between 66 to 68
    what are my chances of getting for tier 2
    iam from st category

    • adi

      yes u have

  125. adi

    i scored 83.25 in gen there any chance for tier 2???

  126. rashmi

    I m scoring 75.25 in obc per the official key . wat r my chances?plz anybody tell me.

    • adi

      last yr 70 is the cut off for obc,so u have a chance,best of luck

  127. abhi rahul

    this year cutt off will be going to be 81- 85

  128. kamlesh kumar

    obc cut off is 74 and gen is 86

  129. adi

    when the result will be published??thnks for r rly

    • Himanshu Verma

      Result of SSC CGL is expected to declare on 2nd week of july.

      • adi

        thanks yaar

  130. Himanshu Verma

    expected result of ssc cgl is declare in 2nd week of july



  132. Vikram

    10 august tak

  133. Vikram

    10 august tak aa skta hai

  134. Subba

    I belong to ST catagory 74 wat is the chance?

  135. nirupama

    I am scored 79.50 in tier 1.I am from OBC category. Is there any chance for me to qualify in tier 1.

    • Vikash Dhankar

      yeah.. there are chances, but finnal cut off marks depends on makrs of other candidates and total seats. All the best. Best Wishes.

      • nirupama

        Thank you…

        • nirupama

          what is the expected cutoff for OBC

  136. SUMIT

    i am getting 84 marks as per key… but only 8 marks in General awareness as i attempted only 8 questions.. will i get qualified?

  137. Praveen

    will they convert marks obtained in 200 to decide cut off or should we get 80-90 out of 200 in general category to clear tier 1 paper of upcoming exam

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